The Tellery

Tellery logo by Doug Guildford

Thanks for dropping by. You’ll find storytelling stuff here: an audio file of Talking You In and other stories, information about my books, info about the Telling Bee (a curriculum program), the Future Folklore Project (, some articles, and a collection of short pieces about Storycare, my ongoing exploration of storytelling in healthcare.  

2 comments on “The Tellery

  1. Marcia McVean says:

    Hi Dan. I’m writing to you to ask a question and I think you might have an answer. I am part of designing a very intimate ceremony for a 13-year-old girl and I am looking for a story that will fit the occasion. It is a rite of passage ceremony and the right story is needed. In the past we have used the beautiful story of Vassalisa and Baba Yaga from Women Who Run With Wolves. I’m hoping that you might be able to direct me to a story or someone who might be able to help. I appreciate your consideration and time if you’re interested in this. Marcia McVean 416.454-8254

  2. JoAnne Himmelman says:

    Hi Dan

    We are hosting the exhibit Tales of Fantasy this summer in Napanee. I understand you were a narrator within this exhibit. Are you available to make an appearance and perhaps for some storytelling while the exhibit is here. I don’t see another area of your website that allows me to contact you.

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