Storycare Introduction

Storycare is the philosophy and practice of bringing storytelling, storylistening, and storykeeping into a healthcare setting. It was created by Dan Yashinsky, storyteller-in-residence at Baycrest, and Melissa Tafler, the social worker who coordinates the Arts in Health program.  Baycrest is a geriatric hospital and long-term care facility in Toronto.  Dan worked there from 2014-2018 developing, with Melissa, the ideas and activities that make up the “storycare” approach.  Please visit for a full introduction.  If you’d like to use our e-learning module (Introduction to Storycare),  please contact Melissa at:  She will send you the coordinates.  The e-learning module is currently offered for free.  Is you are an artist or healthcare practitioner using stories in a healthcare setting, please let us know about your work.  You can reach us at: