The Storyteller’s Ass

I have a very nice ass. Her name is Eysele. She has long ears because she loves to listen to long stories. She also likes to be a hero in the folktales I tell. Sometimes she interrupts. Unfortunately, she has a pretty short attention span. (Mind you, so do I … except for listening to long stories.) I think she’s pretty wise. She loves riddles and proverbs, and sometimes makes up her own. Here’s one she told me: The more stories you know, the more ways you have to tell the truth. How’s that for being a wise ass? Here’s another: Your ass always knows where you’re going, even if you forget. So you should always listen to your ass, even if she interrupts and is occasionally importunate. Teachers and parents, don’t be too shocked if your kids watch these storytelling videos. “Ass” is a perfectly respectable word for donkey. And anyway, don’t we all need to laugh a bit during these strange times? These stories are being recorded in the fall and winter of 2020, also known as the year of the pandemic. They are folktales I’ve gathered from books and other storytellers, cooked up with some of my own spice. There’s a Tuscan proverb that says: A story is no good unless you add your own spice to it.